Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Highlight #10: Le Resto des Saisons

The name of the place is La Ruchette, and it's in a village north of Charleroi called Viesville. That's about four kilometers from the optimistically named Brussels South airport.

I knew nothing about the Ruchette a few days prior.  It was not on any of my maps or to-do lists.  But a brewer recommended it, and that can lead to surprises.  So we went to check it out.

Near as we could tell, the "Hive" is the main attraction in Viesville.  It's on a square called Place des Combattants, complete with requisite war statue.  Its wide terrace on this quiet square allows outdoor eating and drinking in fine weather.  It was, and we did.

As it turns out, Viesville's village pub stocked 120 well-chosen beers, heavy on Hainaut regionals, saisons, hoppy things, and 75cl bottles.  Not bad for a little surprise.  In the refrigerator by the bar we spotted other bottles not on the beer card, a sign that the owner is always looking for new things.  He said as much to us later, and recently told me by email that he's updated the list again.  So the number may be bigger now.

It's a meat-heavy menu; we went for the daily "lunch rapide" special: house steak-frites.  The frites were not dumped on the plate but nicely presented in one of those dainty cone stands, like this one.  We were pleased.

Oh, and we drank.

The list features Dupont, Ellezelloise, Géants, Rulles, Senne, plus some lambics, all the Trappists.... We knew right away we wanted something saison-ish in a 75cl bottle to share, but which?  In the fridge we spotted a bottle from the would-be Brasserie Deseveaux, a buckwheat saison called Sarazen.  But you already knew that, because you peeked at the photo.  Turned out to be a fine food beer.  Just barely off-dry with a touch of caramel, but its most endearing trait was an honest sort of graininess throughout.

Incidentally, I recently contacted brewer Sébastien Deseveaux, who makes the beer at Proef, as well as a newer one with oats called Saison Avena.  He aims to have his own 15 hl kit installed this summer.  We'll keep an eye on it.

Anyway: one or two more there for you Saison Road-trippers to add to the list.
So for me, that's a highlight. More to come. Here's an explanation if you're wondering what I'm up to.


  1. seeing your posts pop up in my reader always makes my day. Mmm yummy beer!

  2. Hey thanks, I'll try to do it more often, but I just blinked and a month went by.

  3. That was the highlight of my day with you, buddy! What a great memory, thanks!

  4. Fine start to a fine day. Caracole was good too though, with the stag party passing around genever.