Monday, May 26, 2014

Catching Up With America.

These are trendy now, I guess? Half/session/all-day/baby IPAs. And the like.

Forgive me if I don't scoff at the trend or argue that they really shouldn't be called IPAs (nonsense) or sweat over the exact ABV. They are useful and generally full of flavor. Malty ones will be next. Bring on the American milds.

So there is nothing new under the sun. We knew that already. Fact is, we wanted this. And we're finally getting it. A little more of THIS please. Not only THAT. Options. They had to expand upward into preciousness before they could expand back downward into plain old tasty drinking beer.

Now we only need to haggle about price.


  1. Session beer is meaningless if the drinking public can't afford a drinking session.

  2. the session beers are popping up everywhere, however I am dubious when breweries toss the term around with beers that have alcohol ranges from 4-8%. But alas we do live in Wisconsin... where there are times when 8% is considered a session beer.

  3. So the cost of a trend, which is generally a very welcome one, is that the concept of "session" is inevitably getting muddled by relatively high price and high alcohol.

    Got to keep speaking the good word and voting with dollars. Session Beer Project: Level 2? Less booze, nicer prices?