Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hello from 35,992 feet.

This Delta flight, on which we are traveling back to America for a little more than a week to celebrate Thanksgiving, has complimentary cans of hoppy liquid on board. Sweetwater 420. Never thought I would see such a day.

Now you will tell me this is becoming somewhat more common, on trans-Atlantic flights or even domestic U.S. ones. I don't know. The great majority of my flying in recent years has been on Squeezy-Jet or Ryan Air. Because cheeeeeeaaaap. Flew from Berlin to Brussels for €10 one way a couple of weeks ago. However many euros I saved, I just see those as gueuze tokens.

On this plane: When the beers are for sale they cost $8. Or you can go cheaper and pay $7 for... Miller Lite. Which is the better buy?

Then they charge you nearly $30 including taxes to use wifi so you can hustle and get that next section of manuscript to the publisher. Robbery, or another miracle at 36,000 feet? We take our joys where we can find them.

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