Friday, December 21, 2018

One More Road for the Beer: Brussels.

So, we're launching a podcastZach Johnston of UPROXX and myself. It's many months in the making, starting with a long series of those late-evening half-drunken "Wouldn't it be cool if..." talks that you don't really think will go anywhere.

It's called One More Road for the Beer. Put it in your earholes as you travel home for the holidays, or on your next commute. Let us know what you think.

Each episode will focus on a different city; we're trying to keep each one to 30 or 40 minutes... We want to hit the highest of the highlights, plus a few obscurities -- the places you'd want to visit if you're on a business trip or only have a couple of days in town. And we aim to put it all in context. We want to put you in the atmosphere. We want the beer foam to tickle your nose. We want you to smell the local snacks.

In case you listen and want to look them up, here are the places we mention in the first show (and a map!):

Grand Place
Moeder Lambic Fontainas
Moeder Lambic Original
Fleur en Papier Doré
Les Brasseurs
Bier Tempel
Delhaize on Anspach
Petit Filou

We also mention beers from Cantillon, Senne, Tilquin, De Ranke, Oud Beersel, Dupont and Boon... more or less in that order.

Obviously we can only scratch the surface in each city. When possible we'll point you toward additional resources... In this case we're in my wheelhouse, and I'd humbly suggest Around Brussels in 80 Beers or the Good Beer Guide Belgium.

Notable correction: When talking about Cantillon in the 1970s, I should have said Jean-Pierre Van Roy was responsible for starting the nonprofit museum side of the operation. For some reason I just said Jean, which the name of Jean-Pierre's son who is now in charge. First-show nerves, maybe.

Next episode: Prague.


  1. Great info for my trip in the spring. Nice to hear about some new places I haven't heard about. Any advice about visiting some of the other lambic breweries outside of town? Would be nice to see a Cologne episode soon 😉

  2. Sure Matt. It's now easy to reach 3 Fonteinen via train from Brussels-Midi. From it's a short ride to Lot station then maybe an 8-minute walk to the tasting room at the barrelhouse/blendery. So with some planning it's possible to 3F and Cantillon in the same day. It's also not too hard to get to Beersel where you can find the 3F restaurant, the Oud Beersel brewery & tasting room, and the beautiful old lambic café In De Oude Pruim. For more ideas (and all the relevant info) get yourself a copy of Good Beer Guide Belgium. Enjoy!