Friday, February 1, 2019

One More Road for the Beer: Warsaw.

Pull on your thickest winter socks, put your feet up, and pour yourself a glass of something thick and black. It's time to talk Polish beer. Here is our fourth show.

Something I forgot to mention: the Polish Beer Lovers' Party, because it's a cool part of the story of Poland's transition (or return) to being a more serious beer-drinking country after Communism. The Beer Lovers' Party had a brief heyday -- they had seats in Parliament and everything -- in the early 1990s when the possibilities of democracy must have seemed nearly infinite. Their main plank was to promote people meeting in pubs to talk and drink beer (instead of getting drunk on vodka). They were successful enough to splinter apart amid disagreements. When I imagine this happening, I picture the People's Front of Judea.

Warsaw is the capital and has more than 50 multitap beer bars, so the city made a convenient excuse to talk about Polish beer and Baltic porter. There are several other nice cities with thriving scenes though -- Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Poznan, and more. If you go, you may want to make use of the site Loads of multitaps and beer lists there -- far more than we could ever hope to mention.

Here's what we mention on the show, and a map:

PiwPaw Beer Heaven
PiwPaw Parkingowa (their other main location)
Same Krafty
Same Krafty Viz-a-viz
Pijalnia Wódka i Piwa (but there are other locations)
Maryensztadt Craft Beer & Food
Pinball Station

We talked about smoky beers on this show but it appears we are just getting started. Next episode: Bamberg.

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