Thursday, April 25, 2019

One More Road for the Beer: Budapest.

When the variety-beer thing has blown up everywhere around the world, you might as well go somewhere beautiful to enjoy it -- preferably somewhere with really fatty pork and voluminous comfort food.

So, the eighth episode of our radio pod program cast show is on lovely Budapest. Mangalitza pork, ruin pubs, strudel, taphouses, goulash, pinball, and more. Find those smoked-and-fried rib tips in salted caramel sauce, my dudes. Also we name-drop Roger Protz.

Where we go:
Szimpla Kert
First Craft Beer & BBQ
Neked Csak Dezső
Hedon Taproom

Besides the Hedon Taproom, we discuss the Hedon Brewery & Playground down on Lake Balaton. I wondered aloud about whether it could be a day trip from Budapest. It could be -- it's about 80 minutes' drive southwest of the city, says Google Maps -- but obviously driving back from a brewery is not ideal. There are holiday rentals and resorts nearby though. I think you should do this.

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