Tuesday, April 2, 2019

One More Road for the Beer: Postcards from the Bar (Wild Card Edition).

We are not slaves to gimmickry. So far each episode has focused on one major city. A fun thing to do, but also limiting, no? What about all those in-between places?

How can we not mention, eventually, cycling around Flanders? Or drinking cask ale in Lancashire? Or the burgeoning beer and food scene in Costa Rica?

Do not answer those questions, for they are rhetorical. The point is, via careful experimentation, we have discovered an elegant answer: the wild-card episode. It's a hodge-podge. It's like a little stack of breezy postcards that take 30 minutes to read in total, instead of just one postcard with 30 minutes worth of teeny-tiny but no doubt very insightful writing upon it.

In this, the seventh installment of our episodic radio-cast program, we talk about cycling around a bit of West Flanders, Belgium; visiting a few traditional/neighborhood pubs in Lancashire; and a blossoming scene for food and beer around my old friend Chepe, a.k.a. San José, Costa Rica.

So, as you can imagine, this map looks different.

Cycling around Poperinge & Watou:
Palace Hotel
Brouwerij St. Bernardus
Poperinge Hop Museum

Prince of Wales (Chorley)
Bob Inn (Chorley)
Beer School (Westhoughton, Bolton)

Costa Rica:
Costa Rica's Craft Brewing Co.
Barrio Escalante
Al Mercat
Mercado Central

And here is Ignacio from Treintaycinco in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica. Tell him we sent you.

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