Five Meal Kit Brands to Try in 2009

As the pandemic continued to ravage the country, meal prep companies seized the opportunity to increase their convenience offerings and capitalized on the rising demand. However, lockdowns forced many of these companies to rethink their marketing and advertising strategies. With so many meal prep companies vying for the attention of 밀키트추천 consumers, meal kits must speed up their marketing efforts if they want to remain competitive.


Subscribers can sign up for a Freshly meal kit subscription on the company’s website, where they must enter their email address and zip code. Note that Freshly doesn’t deliver to Alaska and Hawaii. They also have to choose how many meals they want delivered each week and the date they want it delivered. It’s possible to set the delivery date as early as two days in advance or as long as three weeks. Freshly meals are pre-portioned and come with complete instructions for cooking them.

Freshly’s menu is a great choice for people on strict diets. The company offers entrees that are low in carbohydrates, dairy, and gluten. They also offer meals that are soy-free.


The EveryPlate meal kit brand offers a variety of recipes for different tastes. Its recipes feature comfort food, such as meatloaf or chicken pot pie. They also feature pasta recipes and meals with white rice and roasted vegetables. However, the brand does not feature recipes with superfoods.

The meal kits are designed to be easy to prepare. Most of them only take 35 minutes to make, and include all the ingredients you need. They are available for lunch and dinner, and you can customize your meal plans. You can choose how many meals you want to prepare each week, and how many servings you want per meal. Each meal consists of six steps or fewer, making them easy to prepare and take on the go.


PeachDish is a meal kit brand that features a wide variety of delicious recipes. There are meat, fish, vegetarian, and vegan choices, and subscribers can customize their meals to suit their tastes. Each week’s menu offers different recipes and is updated with seasonal changes. PeachDish’s menu also features recipes for special diets and dietary restrictions.

Using PeachDish to make your meals is easy. You can choose what meals you want and add them to your cart. You’ll receive an email letting you know when your meals are ready. You can also choose which day you want them delivered.


The Sunbasket meal kit brand is known for its eco-friendly packaging. The meals come in recyclable boxes lined with denim insulation. The plastic ice packs that keep the meals cool are compostable. The brand also provides instructions for recycling and reusing their packaging. Their website provides detailed information on their commitment to sustainability and how to reduce your consumption of plastic.

The company also offers customization options, including the ability to skip deliveries. The company ships the meals to most ZIP codes within the U.S. (excluding Hawaii and parts of North Dakota and Montana).

Splendid Spoon

The Splendid Spoon meal kit brand provides healthy, plant-based meals in convenient meal kits. The company uses recycled plastic for its meal containers and uses dry ice instead of ice packs. Each of the brand’s bowls also has a tight-fitting lid. The brand offers over 50 different plant-based meal options.

The Splendid Spoon meal kit brand offers a plant-based meal delivery service. The meals are prepared and ready to heat, with no cooking required. The meals are low-in-sodium, and they have menus that suit 18 dietary needs. Customers can select a weekly, biweekly, or monthly delivery.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron meal kits provide members with fresh, seasonal ingredients and step-by-step recipes to prepare tasty meals at home. The company works directly with local producers and farmers to source ingredients in season. Its name is a nod to the French tradition of apprentice chefs wearing blue aprons. Its mission is to help people cook better, by introducing them to new flavors and ingredients. The brand also works to eliminate middlemen and ensure that no food is wasted.

Blue Apron’s menu is diverse, with a combination of American favorites and international flavors. You’ll find everything from Spicy Pork Udon to Greek-Style Feta Burgers. You’ll also find recipes for a vegetarian diet. There are about 19 entrees to choose from each week, each of which is made with fresh ingredients.